Mary, a picture of quiet strength, humility, complete devotion and total surrender.

14 Dec

Every year at this time, I read the Christmas story and sometimes to be honest, it flies over my head such that the very next minute it’s just like any other story. At other times, I pull out my chair and try to picture the scenes, the theme, the design, the chaos, the confusion, the birth, the characters, the STORY.
For the past few years I have examined one of the characters closely – Mary. Who was she? What was it about her? Why was she chosen? My heart likes and admires her. Friendship with her is something I’m quietly desiring. I want to sit up close with her and understand this woman. I’m a woman and I love women who get Gods attention. I love women to whom God commits His agenda, women whom He can trust with His plans. That’s why I’m a secret admirer of Mary – ok now the secret’s out.

All there is to know about Mary is what”s written down. Young lady, engaged to be married then all of a sudden, unexpectedly, she gets an angelic visitation that completely disrupts her life and plans. Not only is this visitation disruptive, it talks about a lot that sounds impossible. “A virgin would birth a Son who would be the Son of The Most High, and will have an everlasting kingdom.”
I’m looking at my “friend”, she listens, expresses her confusion, is greatly disturbed, asks how it would all come to be. The angel assures her of an empowerment from on High that would bring all these to pass.
Mary then responds by sayingBehold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.”

Nothing about this visit was clear; in fact it was confusing and disturbing. The how, when, why, “what happens to all my plans”; how does one go about telling people “I am pregnant by The Holy Spirit” Imagine the reactions of neighbors, friends, members of her church, passers by who knew her 😯🙄😧🤔🤣🧐.
Mary, humble, submitted, surrendered, assured of who she was – Gods servant, took it all in, in quiet contemplation, refusing to complain about the inconvenience. The opinions of others must have sounded loud, the gossip from those who didn’t understand, but she would not allow herself be distracted from what had been committed to her. She even risked a broken engagement. It must have been heavy, difficult, inconvenient, lonely but these words echo again: Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.”

Then there was the census, the long journey to Bethlehem. Thinking about it, if told you were going to have a child who would be King, your imaginations would run wild. Maybe he would be born in a palace, lay his head in a golden crib and have everyone at your beck and call. I don’t know what she imagined, but it didn’t quite go that way. This King was born in very humble circumstances. We all know the story. In our current day, If we had Mary’s position, our social media statuses would most likely read :

  • Visited by a host of angels. Spoke with Angel … face to face. What a great surprise. Something great is cooking
  • Privileged to be chosen to bear the King of kings 😅
  • The countdown begins

As the visitors began to make their way to see this child who would be King and as they presented their gifts and worshipped, scripture records Mary’s posture as this:“But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.” ‭‭Luke‬ ‭2:19‬

So back to where I started. As I pull out my chair, leaning in to observe this woman, I see the following:

  • A woman just like you and I, nothing spectacular that marked her externally but who had such a deep awareness of Gods presence that she was ready to receive from Him during her everyday life
  • Her fears and confusion when a lot was unknown
  • Her complete trust in Gods word. If He says it, so be it
  • Her strength and courage
  • Her humility
  • Her heart for The Lord choosing to surrender to His will at great personal cost
  • Her quiet contemplation, observing, pondering, taking words seriously and not letting these significant words and events about her child fly over her head
  • Her integrity even when it hurt
  • Her yieldedness – Lord if You need me, if You want my life, You can have it all.

This list is why I am her friend. This is the woman I desire to be. A woman who loves The Lord, treasures His word, is deeply aware of Him in everyday life, surrenders to His will in humble devotion, afraid sometimes but completely trusting, a vessel of honor to birth something that would totally change the world.

Mary, each year you influence my heart deeply and this year is no different ❤️

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